My opinion about school

Here is a very short questionnaire that is easy to reply - you just have to click without writing any sentences. As you know, it is essential to respond as sincerely as possible. The questions pop up in mixed order, please do not look at the neighbours’ answers because their answer will not be sincere neither adapted to your question.

Thank you for your precious collaboration.
Confidential questions
(your answers will not be disclosed, they will be used only by the researchers)
1. Your surname
2. Your first name
3. School’s name
4. Location of the school (town)
5. I am:
6. Grade
7. I live :
8. I can't wait to earn my own money
9. I can't wait to have my own professional activities
10. I’ve had enough of school
11. I like to come to school
12. School makes me waste my time
13. I am scared to fail
14. I am being pushed to succeed
15. The major part of the lessons are interesting
16. I really want to succeed my scholarship
17. I am obliged to succeed
18. The most of the methods that teachers use are generally good
19. I find that, in general, the lessons are interesting
20. All that I learn is useful
21. A good scholarship allows to obtain a good profession
22. I get along well with most of my teachers
23. My class’ atmosphere is generally good
24. My school’s atmosphere is generally good
25. If I need help, other pupils will help me
26. If I need help, the teachers will help me
27. Some teachers are not fare with me
28. Some pupils are not fare with me
29. I do my homework easily
30. It is useful to do homework
31. I am regularly absent from lessons
32. My school is sufficiently close to my home
33. My relatives think that it is important to succeed in school
34. At home I have good conditions to do my homework
35. I get along well with other pupils
36. I feel motived to participate in lessons
37. My personal scholar experience is positive
38. I chose myself my study options
39. My family choses my study options
40. I feel competent to succeed
41. I hurry to create my own family and to have children
42. I want to learn
43. We have a good educational system
44. I would like to quit school and to continue learning later
45. I would like to find a job, to work
46. The most of the teachers encourage me to succeed
47. I know that the time I spend in school is not wasted
48. I feel too old to stay in school
49. The school transport is unpleasant or takes too much time
50. My best friends are not anymore at school
51. To feel good, I need drugs
52. I feel good when drinking alcohol
53. The knowledge I gain in school will be useful further on in my life
54. I think that I will not succeed in my life
55. I have good basic skills for learning
56. I have more learning difficulties than the others
57. The most of the teachers are interested in me
58. The people that care for me help me when I need it
59. I have enough free time for my hobbies
60. The adults of school are fare with me
61. I don’t succeed to follow the lessons because they are too difficult
62. I feel too tired to follow the lessons as I should
63. I have a lot of things to do a part from school
64. I don’t prepare enough to follow well the lessons
65. I am lazy, I don't want to work
66. The lessons demand me more effort than everything else
67. I repeated the year several times and I am older than other pupils
68. Life in middle school is more difficult than life in primary school
Life in high school classes is more difficult than life in middle school