Questionnaire Pupils' parents 2017
Life quality in school environment: parental point of view
Dear pupils' parents.

In the framework of improving the "Life quality in school environment" of your child, we propose you to answer to this absolutely anonymous questionnaire. It lets us know your opinion about the life quality of the establishment and to recognize some eventual deregulations of school environment, some elements that you would like to see in new quality, some suggestions from your side...

It's because of your answers that we will be able to suggest an updated statement and to define the means of intervention and prevention.

We thank you for your precious collaboration.

Attention: you must imperatively click on the "SUBMIT YOUR ANSWERS" button at the end of the questionnaire to save your answers.

Thank you for your precious collaboration and, as promised, a report will soon be at your disposal.

As you have understood, this questionnaire is entirely anonymous but we still need to be able to connect it to your child's school. Some information is therefore necessary to make corresponding the pupils', the educative team's representations with the information that you have on the school life quality in the establishment that you have chosen for your child (children).
We guarantee the confidentiality of all of your answers.
1. 1. You are a pupil's/pupils' parent and we thank you for your engagement. Maybe you have a particular experience in the educational field, if yes, then it is important for us to know if you are
2. Other experience(s) in school
3. In which type of establishment is your child registered?
4. Other type of establishment
As you have understood, in order to cross the data, it is mandatory to obtain the following information:
5. Establishment's title:
6. Town of the establishment:
7. Country of the establishment:
8. For how many years is your child registered in this establishment?
9. Your child (children) that go to school this year is (are):
10. How does your child work?
You have a chance to express yourself about all your children together
that learn in this school
or more precisely about one of them
11. How do you consider the pupils' life quality in this establishment?
What do you think about the life quality of pupils in terms of:
Not at all satisfactoryRather non-satisfactoryRather satisfactoryVery satisfactoryNo answer
Not at all satisfactoryRather non-satisfactoryRather satisfactoryVery satisfactoryNo answer
12. Homework load
13. Timetable
14. Evaluation methods
15. Listening and taking their opinions into account
16. Safety climate
17. Information and accompaniment in their professional and school project
18. Meal quality
19. Quality of the premises
20. Cleanliness of the premises
21. How do you consider the teacher life quality in this establishment?
22. How would you consider the non-teaching personnel life quality in this establishment?
23. Regarding the activities taking place in your child's establishment, you estimate yourself to be:
If this has already happened in your child's establishment, could you describe the unacceptable acts:
24. between pupils and school administration
25. between pupils and teachers
26. between pupils and non-teaching personnel
27. between parents and teachers
28. between parents and school administration
29. between the adults of the establishment
30. among pupils
31. If your child has already gone through something inadmissible, did he/she say what he/she felt the most at that moment?
32. Other feelings that are not mentioned:
33. If that affected him/her or morally injured him/her, was that during:
34. Other duration
Could you cite the types of sanctions or punishment that you would suggest to limit the pupils' undesirable acts? You are of course not obliged to fill in all the five fields...
35. 1st type of punishment
36. 2nd type of punishment
37. 3rd type of punishment
38. 4th type of punishment
39. 5th type of punishment
Could you suggest some actions that should be implemented to improve the "life quality" in the framework of your establishment?
40. 1st action
41. 2nd action
42. 3rd action
43. 4th action
44. 5th action (and more)
45. Globally, what do you think about the quality of relationships that you have with the educative teams?
46. Do you think that pupils' parents should be more implied in the establishment's life?
47. Why should parents NOT be more involved?
48. Why parents should be more involved in the life of the school
Which propositions would you like to give in order to improve the relationship between the pupil parents and/or to integrate them in the establishment’s life ?
49. 1st proposition
50. 2nd proposition
51. 3rd proposition
From your opinion, what could be the origins for undesirable acts in the establishment ?
(Thank you for not writing more than one reason by gap of analysis)
52. 1st reason
53. 2nd reason
54. 3rd reason
55. 4th reason
56. 5th reason
57. What can the adults of the establishment do to contain the undesirable acts?
58. What should be changed in the operations of the establishment?
59. Do you know, in general, how are the relationships between your child and his/her teachers?
60. Do you think that the quality of relationship among the establishment's adults truly intervenes in the pupils' actions?
61. Do you know how is globally the evolution of the establishment's atmosphere?
62. Why does the school atmosphere degrades starting from the beginning of the year in September?
63. What makes the atmosphere of school getting better starting from the beginning of the year in September?